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Ask the LSG – hate my job!

Rainy London street with red bus

London Bus

As some of you may have read, I have been asked to help with a problem by one of our secret group and I have given much thought to this. Basically, Bruce has a problem with his work – he doesn’t like it! In case you didn’t understand his London accent in his post, I shall translate for you:
“I am currently in a job I hate. I get abused and spat at by the public who treat me like dirt. Being a London night bus driver is a very dangerous job and the public don’t even have the decency to abuse me in a language I understand! The management always take the side of the disgruntled passenger; indeed, any incident is the driver’s fault. This is mainly because the management wish to reduce the wage bill as there is a massive influx of EU workers in London who are willing to work for little more than minimum wage . So why do I do the job? £40k plus overtime, free family travel, free uniform and a half-decent pension.
So my question to the lsg do I continue wiping the spittle from my brow and think of the money or move on and be poor but potentially happier and have more chance of living on a state pension one day?”

£1 coins


Well, Bruce, there are several ways of looking at this. Let’s take the positives first:
1. The MONEY!
2. The PENSION (which also counts as MONEY)!
3. FREE family travel (this also counts as MONEY)!
4. The UNIFORM – everyone knows that all the girls like a man in uniform! (This also counts as MONEY because you don’t have to wear out your own clothes – except for underwear, of course, but we’ll leave that subject alone for now).
5. Spittle is FREE (if unpleasant), so this doesn’t cost MONEY!

Flag of Wales

Welsh Flag

Now, the negatives:
1. You have problems with the language in which you are being abused. There is a very simple answer to this – learn WELSH and answer them back in a language THEY don’t understand (unless you happen to get a Welsh male voice choir on the bus one night, in which case you’ll be covered in spittle anyway because of all those ‘ll’ and ‘ch’ sounds)
2. The management always take the side of the disgruntled passenger – having known you for a number of years, I have to ask if you are being too nice to the management instead of showing them what a REALLY disgruntled bus driver you can be? Your father (aka The Rottweiler) didn’t bring you up to be pleasant to everyone, now did he?
3. You have tried being poor before – and you didn’t like it!

rottweiler dog


Taking everything into consideration, I would go with being extremely unhappy but reasonably well off and wait for the state pension to be added to your bus driver’s pension – then you can travel round London for free, abusing as many bus drivers as you like (in WELSH, once you have learnt it) and being a nuisance to the management by showing them what a REALLY DISGRUNTLED passenger is! Your life will then be complete and you can sail off into the sunset (because you will now be able to afford a small dinghy), knowing you have upset as many people as possible!
I hope this answer has helped