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Quiz Question Giggles

Giggling girl


A very good afternoon from the Lifestyle Support Guru! Today I am not going to offer any advice; instead, I am going to MAKE YOU GIGGLE with some quiz answers that have made me smile and GIGGLE in the last few days.

The first was a conversation overheard in the pub (where else?) the other evening during the quiz night. I will set the scene:
Mother and father, young son (about 11) and young daughter (about 14) are sitting at the table next to the LSG’s, waiting for a taxi to take them home after attending the nearby Concert in the Park. The question master asks, ‘Who

Elephant carrying people

Hannibal crossing the Alps

crossed the Alps with elephants?’
Mother (to the rest of her party): I think it was Hannibal.
Daughter: Who’s Hannibal?
M: He crossed the Alps with elephants.
D: Where are the Alps?
M: In France, I think.
D: No, that’s not right. The Alps are in South America. How could you cross them with elephants? They don’t have elephants in South America.
(LSG thinks: they’re not that common in France either.)
M: I thought you were doing Geography GCSE?
D: Yes, but we haven’t done the Alps.
Sadly, their taxi arrived at this point because I would have loved to hear their answers to the rest of the questions.

The second occasion to make me GIGGLE was last night. Once more, let me set the scene: my television has developed an annoying habit of tuning itself into random TV stations whenever I turn it on. Last night it was tuned into some station showing re-runs of old quiz programmes and ‘Bullseye’ was on, so I sat watching it for a few minutes whilst waiting for the cats to decide whether they wanted to stay in or go out (I spend quite a bit of time waiting for them to make their minds up).

Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama

Jim Bowen (you can do your own impressions): Now, Roy, your next question – who is the spiritual leader of Tibet?
Roy (brow furrowed): Erm, the Higher Llama?
JB (straight faced): I’m sorry; that’s wrong. Fran, do you know the answer?
Fran (big grin to go with her big hair and big glasses): Yes, it’s the Dire Llama.

Othello and Desdemona

Othello and Desdemona

And finally, my favourite, passed on to me by a good Geordie friend, whom I shall call Jo for the sake of convenience. Scene-setting: a family party a few years ago where they were playing Trivial Pursuit and Jo was helping her 14-year-old nephew with his answers by whispering them to him when he got stuck.

Question: What is the name of the main female lead in Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’?
Jo (whispering): Desdemona
Nephew: What?
J: Desdemona.
N: What?
J: Desdemona.
N (calling out his answer): Dennis the Moaner!

I’m still giggling at that one! Have a good week!