Alone in a bar

Fluffy cat


WARNING! Lifestyle support guru here once more, helping you to negotiate your way through life’s alleyways and one-way streets. BEWARE women/men on their own in pubs/bars – I’m not talking about me, of course, because I keep myself to myself, being a miserable soul at heart! But if someone starts to become interested in your conversation with other people and joins in with their own anecdotes, you can be pretty sure that, before long, they will isolate one of you from the general conversation and tell you their life story and you will soon feel like going to lie down in a darkened room with a Leonard Cohen album playing gently in the background while you contemplate the possibility of an afterlife. Such a person appeared in my life on Saturday night when I had taken recuperating brother for a restorative beverage in the local Ale House and we were discussing pantos (as you do!) with a couple of friends who happened to be in there as well. Within ten minutes I had learned that this woman/new Best Friend worked for the Post Office, that the PO had saved millions by changing their main location in Derby (fascinating!), that she liked going to caravan parks on her own and that she was thinking of going to Trecco Bay in Porthcawl in a couple of weeks’ time. I also learned what other caravan parks she’d visited and which ones were accessible by MegaBus or National Express – remind me to travel by train in future! Nothing wrong with going places on your own, but keep it to yourself! Now, where did I put that Leonard Cohen CD…?