Beating Challenges

walking into the crocodile's mouth


Good afternoon from the Lifestyle Support Guru! Today I have some VERY USEFUL ADVICE on BEATING CHALLENGES, having myself beaten several this morning, so this ADVICE is very current! Here are the challenges I have taken on and beaten, in no particular order of importance or occurrence:
1. For this CHALLENGE you will need one keyboard and one cat. The cat will be one that likes walking all over the keyboard while you are trying to do some very important work (for example, trying to beat today’s Microsoft Daily Solitaire Challenge). The CHALLENGE is to remove the keyboard and place it on your lap BEFORE the cat can walk all over the keys and turn on/off various functions (which you don’t understand anyway, but that’s not the point). You will, of course, be extremely uncomfortable trying to use the keyboard on your lap, but you will also feel extremely satisfied because you have BEATEN THE CHALLENGE!
2. This next CHALLENGE also requires a cat, but a chair instead of a keyboard. The cat will have ensconced itself on the chair in your bedroom while you are having a shower (or any other domestic task that requires you to be out of the bedroom) and will have left you a small space on which to sit and dry your hair. Do not just pick up and remove the cat – this is cheating! You must sit (uncomfortably) on the small space and carry on as normal until the cat decides that she has had enough of being squashed and gets up and leaves. You have BEATEN THE CHALLENGE!
3. This particular CHALLENGE is one that I really enjoy – frightening siblings, preferably at least



once a week! There are several methods of doing this, but the easiest is, by far, the posting of horror stories about dreadful things that can happen to you in the summer.
a) One of your siblings lives in almost constant terror of disasters happening (for example, you can guarantee that, if you are flying somewhere on holiday, some sort of disaster will take place in or near your destination – volcanoes erupting, civil war, all the sorts of things that happen in Benidorm on a regular basis). Today I managed to terrify this sibling by posting a story about out-of-date sunscreen, and I posted a similar story about ticks the other day. I should imagine she is, even as I type, cowering behind locked doors with all the curtains closed to ward off the sun, grandchildren dressed in biohazard suits, so that she doesn’t have to use sunscreen on them or go out in the garden where ticks might be lurking in all sorts of places, waiting to jump up and attack!

blood pressure monitor

blood pressure monitoring

b) Another sibling works for a large company whose initials might or might not be BP. This CHALLENGE only works if you have recently had your BLOOD PRESSURE checked, which I had this morning. I texted him afterwards, saying ‘BP down quite a lot’, which I thought was a perfectly harmless piece of good news but, apparently, it sent him rushing to check BP’s shares, thinking there’d been a sudden slump in the market and that he was going to become POOR! Laughed a lot at that!
c) Unfortunately, I have less success with the other two siblings because I have yet to find out anything of which they might be scared!
So there you are – BEATING A CHALLENGE can be immensely satisfying and set you up for the rest of the day. Now all I have to do is CHALLENGE myself to get the hoover out, but that’s the most terrifying CHALLENGE of all! Have a lovely afternoon!