Frightening Others!

black cat


A very good afternoon to you all from the Lifestyle Support Guru! I thought I would surprise (and delight) all my followers by posting within 24 hours of my last post, because I felt I needed to share today’s lesson, which involves FRIGHTENING PEOPLE for their own good.

Now, you may wonder why I should wish to do this, but there is a well-known saying claiming that you should do AT LEAST ONE THING EVERY DAY THAT FRIGHTENS YOU in order to make you a stronger person, so I feel that I have more than fulfilled this by frightening a very nice person today – one day she will thank me for it.
So, I hear you ask, how do I go about frightening people and making them stronger?

1. Get a cat (or three) and buy some dried cat food from a large pet superstore (with a name

dried cat food pellets

cat food

similar to ‘Pets in the House’), which they GUARANTEE your cats will love. This is a lie: they won’t touch it even when you ‘hide’ it among other dried cat food – they just pick out the bits they like and spit out the rest.
2. Rather than throw the unloved cat food away, you think it can go to a better home and decide to take it to the cattery you use when your meagre finances will allow you to take a holiday.

brown paper bag

carrier bag

3. Put the cat food into a carrier bag and drive to the cattery. As you are walking up to the door of the cattery, you see the lovely, cat-mad owner peering at you through a side window, so you smile and point to the carrier bag.
4. The owner will come to the door with an absolute look of horror and terror on her face and ask in a trembling voice, “What have you got in there?” “Oh, just some cat food my lot won’t eat so I thought you could make use of it.” The look of relief on her face when I said this was heart warming – she thought one of the cats had died and that I’d brought it to her to show her so she could pay her last respects!!

So there you have it, devoted followers; I have done my bit in helping one person to become

frog reflection

frog reflection

stronger and better, but do let me know if you have done any similar deeds – you may even earn yourself a Deputy LSG certificate.
And, finally, you may well wonder what the Lifestyle Support Guru does to make herself stronger? Personally, I find that just getting up in the morning and looking in the mirror is enough to frighten me these days.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!