Fun Run – you kidding?

Lifestyle Support Guru here once more with a WARNING and some ADVICE to all those of you who enjoy some form of EXERCISE – it can ruin other people’s enjoyment of the finer things in life such as going out for Sunday lunch with friends.

I’ll just set the scene…

You go to a (fairly) local pub to find that there is a local Fun Run (contradiction in terms, if ever I heard one) taking place and that they’re all meeting at this pub as the starting point.
The Fun Runners set off in staggered starts (I would have just staggered to the start) and some are already back before you’re even halfway through your meal (wears me out just thinking about it).
Now, I have no objection to anyone taking exercise if that’s what they really want to do (but why, I ask???) but think carefully about what you’re wearing, especially the rear view… I almost choked on my chicken skewers and potato wedges when I looked up from my plate to find a woman standing in front of our table, but with her back to me, wearing a pair of black leggings/jeggings/joggings/loggings (whatever they’re called – I never wear them) which were not quite as opaque as she perhaps imagined. She had obviously gone to the trouble of wearing black knickers underneath but had not thought about the rest of her bottom which was NOT covered by the knickers! I decided not to order a pudding of two scoops of ice cream!!


Ice cream scoops from Pixabay – free use, no attribution required.

So, the WARNING – exercise can harm other people.
And the ADVICE – don’t ask ‘Does my bum look big in this?’ Instead, ask ‘Does my bum show through in this?’