Making more money

fluffy cat


LSG (Lifestyle Support Guru) here. I don’t normally post my thoughts and ideas two days in a row, but I had to share this with you, because I have found a wonderful way of making money and I know that all my friends are always looking for ways to make a bit of dosh, especially if it doesn’t involve working. I had a wonderful conversation at lunchtime with a foreign gentleman who said he was ringing on behalf of the government, with the backing of the NHS, to offer me compensation for some unspecified accident I, or someone else in my household, had had within the last five years. Interesting, I thought – the last accident I had was breaking a nail when trying to undo the screwtop on a bottle of Pinot Grigio, but I didn’t remember claiming for it on insurance.
I let him carry on and eventually gave him details of what I thought might be the incident and then said I had to go out and hung up. A few hours later, I had a phone call from another foreign gentleman about the same incident, asking for a few more details so that he could send me the cheque for the large amount of money to which the member of my household was entitled, so I told him all about Charlie getting whiplash from a car accident in June 2011 when someone drove into the back of him, although we hadn’t gone to hospital about it.
‘Ah,’ said the foreign gentleman, ‘it was up the backside, was it?’ Pause… ‘Yes, you could say that,’ I replied.
‘Oh’, said the foreign gentleman, ‘Charlie is going to be so happy when you give him the cheque for all this money for someone going up his backside, isn’t he?’
‘Yes’, I replied with a smile. ‘He is, isn’t he?’
I just hope there’s no such address as 37 Sooooon Road, Berbly (Yes, Berbly!). And I’m taking Charlie’s mobile off him straight away in case they ring him to check the story’s true!
Charlie is my CAT! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!