Neighbours from Hell – abroad!



Well, down to the last 20 litres of wine and I thought I’d do a Lifestyle Support Guru post on the last night in Brittany (can you tell the bar’s closed – again!!) and let you know how to avoid the NEIGHBOURS FROM HELL next time you go to a campsite. As usual, there only a few simple rules to follow:

1. Don’t spend all day cleaning your caravan and its accessories (including washing the outside of the caravan – that’s what rain’s for) because you can be sure that, later, oneĀ of the NEIGHBOURS FROM HELL will approach you in the bar (when it’s open) and jovially ask if you’ve finished the cleaning yet (to which you reply ‘No’- OMG!).
2. If you are having a lie-in on a Sunday morning, just pray that the NEIGHBOURS FROM HELL don’t have a power cut and have to find out how to reset the trip switch (technical term?), because one of the NEIGHBOURS FROM HELL will ask for help in a very loud voice from the caravan owners on the other side of you (who are packing up and leaving – could it be because of the NEIGHBOURS FROM HELL?) and will then forget where he’s staying and try to get into your caravan, rattling the door until he realises he’s at the wrong place (and it’s only 9 o’clock in the morning, so he can’t blame the beer!).
3. If you are going to drink a lot, pray that the NEIGHBOURS FROM HELL aren’t in the caravan opposite because the one sitting in the sun on the veranda will constantly be calling in to her companion, who’s sensibly trying to avoid sun damage: ‘They’ve opened another bottle! That’s 3 to our 2!’

And that’s it – the NEIGHBOURS FROM HELL will be moving on to Normandy tomorrow, so it’ll be interesting to see how many people we (oops, I mean ‘they’!) can upset there!

PS I’m not REALLY down to the last 20 litres (maybe the last 22, lol!)