The Happiness Quiz!

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A very good afternoon from the Lifestyle Support Guru! I know that many of you, my followers, enjoy those little online quizzes which help you discover your inner self, such as what you were in a past life, the colour of your inner aura, what you had for breakfast, that sort of thing, so I thought I would let you try one that I have devised. This quiz will help you find out your level of HAPPINESS! It’s very simple and only has three questions, so here you go:
1. You put some washing on the line but don’t have time to take it in before you go out for the evening. You return later than planned and it’s now too dark to bring it in (without tripping over something in the dark because your garden solar lights don’t work). You’re sure that the forecast for the next day was ‘Fine’, so you decide to leave it on the line overnight. The next morning, when you get up, you discover that it’s raining very slightly. Do you:
a. Rant and rave because your washing is getting wet, but decide to leave it out there now that it’s wet?
b. Sigh and then go and fetch it in to dry inside?
c. Shout ‘Yippee!’ because the rain will help to remove the creases and make the clothes easier to iron?

2. You follow your usual morning routine when you get up – go downstairs, turn on the radio in

cat laughing

Laughing Cat

the kitchen, let the cats out, leaving the back door open for them, make a coffee, turn off the radio and return upstairs to read your emails. A little while later, you are ready for your second coffee, so you go back downstairs and can hear voices. You think you must have left the radio on, but no – it’s the television in the front room and you never go in the front room first thing in the morning. Do you:
a. Immediately think that a mad axe murderer has come in by the open back door and is now sitting calmly watching breakfast television in the front room while waiting for you?
b. Sigh and wonder if you should call in a local vicar (if you knew one) to perform an exorcism because you have obviously got a poltergeist who likes breakfast television?
c. Shout ‘Yippee!’ because the cats have obviously learned how to turn on the TV and maybe they’ll now learn how to work the washing machine for you?

3. Some thieving little toe-rag has stolen your car aerial and you can no longer get any radio stations other than local ones, which can be rather tedious at times (one of yesterday’s items was about growing underarm hair!). Do you:
a. Rant and rave about today’s youth, because you are sure it must be some silly little teenager with his trousers hanging around his crotch who thought it would be funny to take it as he and his Neanderthal mates walked by?
b. Sigh and think about going to your nearest dealer to get a new one, although you know it will cost you an arm and a leg?
c. Go to your local, friendly (independent) garage and ask them if they can help, then shout ‘Yippee!’ because they replace it with an old aerial from a Vauxhall (yours is a Kia) and the radio now works perfectly, so you can once again have a go at Pop Master on the Ken Bruce show. Not only that, but your car has now been customised – it must be the only Kia with a spirally Vauxhall aerial. AND the garage doesn’t charge you a thing!

happy tiger

happy tiger

1. If you answered mostly ‘a’, then you need to consider anger management classes or perhaps a therapist.
2. If you answered mostly ‘b’, then you need to get a life.
3. If you answered mainly ‘c’, then you are one of the HAPPIEST people in the world and you should consider spreading that HAPPINESS around – perhaps by going out for lunch (even) more often!