Travelling LSG style

motorway traffic at night

Motorway traffic at night

Well, here I am again, so soon after my yesterday’s post, but I feel that, as the Lifestyle Support Guru, I need to share my thoughts about TRAVELLING with you. (That’s ‘share my thoughts with you’, not ‘travelling with you’, as I’m sure you realise, being LSG supporters!)

1. You can make all sorts of FRIENDS when TRAVELLING – yesterday, for example, I came across Ben, Ken, Nic, Niiici, (Mr) Singh and the Looke family, among others. I always like to say ‘hello’ to all these people as they sail past with their personalised number plates – it makes me feel that I have enlarged my circle of followers.
2. When TRAVELLING, you will find that there are ‘baby’ motorways and ‘grown up’ motorways. The M4 is a ‘baby’ motorway, with lots of signs to tell you what’s going on: ‘Poor weather conditions’, for example. I was so glad they told me that, otherwise I’d never have thought of putting my windscreen wipers on as the rain lashed down from a leaden sky (there’s poetic!). The M5, on the other hand, is a ‘grown up’ motorway which doesn’t tell you anything and lets you take your chances about deciding what the weather’s like outside your little metal bubble.

warning sign

warning sign

The other indication that it’s a ‘grown up’ motorway is that it doesn’t have speed restrictions because of ‘roadworks’ but because of ‘Geotechnical repairs’. (There’s posh!)
3. Finally, I must renew my acquaintance with the Highway Code before next TRAVELLING and find the rule that states that all dark-coloured cars are NOT required to have their lights on when driving in pouring rain. I assume this has been devised as a means of making other drivers more aware of their surroundings and, thus, more ready to take evasive action when a dark (usually black and usually large, say a BMW, a Volvo or an Audi) car looms up out of the spray behind you, unseen until the very last minute. Such larks!

And there you have it, beloved devotees – TRAVELLING really DOES broaden the mind (and tests your reactions!). Clunk-click every trip!