Wales Cymru am Byth

www.lifestylesupportguru.comHello! The Lifestyle Support Guru is back (some of you may not even have noticed I’d been away, but I won’t take it to heart), this time with some useful advice on travelling abroad, namely to God’s own country of WALES! (Yes, I know that’s not ‘abroad’ for my Welsh friends, but let’s not quibble over a small matter like that.)

Now, firstly, some of you may worry about the fact that a different language is spoken in Wales, but WORRY NOT! The hotels in west Wales are owned either by English people (mainly Londoners) or Russians, who happen to speak quite good English, so there are very few communication problems. It’s the same in the pubs – even if you meet a Welsh person in such an establishment, they are likely to be from Merthyr, where Welsh is a foreign language anyway, so there’s no problem there, assuming you can understand the Merthyr accent, that is! And when you get to Cardiff, the people running the hotels there are French, so a quick ‘Bonjour’ sorts any difficulties in that area.

Next, you may have heard that it rains all the time in Wales – WORRY NOT! It doesn’t – well, not last week, anyway.

There’s plenty to do – WORRY NOT! There are usually four or five pubs in every village and they no longer shut on Sundays.

My advice – GO TO WALES! You know it makes sense. My next update will be about the West Midlands – apologies in advance to my Brummie friends, but they need some serious Maths and Biology lessons in Dudley and Kidderminster. All will be explained another time… watch this space.