When the Quiz Master is Wrong!

quiz puzzle

Quiz puzzle!

Yet another question for the Lifestyle Support Guru and one which has no easy answer:
“Could the LSG comment on how to properly react when the quizmaster makes a mistake in reading out the answers please? Thank you.”

This problem must be looked at from two different viewpoints: that of the quiz master and that of the quizzers. Let us consider the quizzers first, since that seems to be the viewpoint of the person putting the question, although one can never be too sure when the query comes from someone in Non Iron, where clarity of thought is not always the first thing associated with that lovely area of the UK, since they tend to talk too much.

QUIZZERS: If you are absolutely CERTAIN that the quiz master is wrong, you have several options, the most popular of which is shouts such as, ‘Oi! Quiz master, you stupid eejit, that’s the wrong answer!’ or ‘Oi! Even my dog/cat/gerbil/rabbit (delete whichever doesn’t apply) would know that’s wrong!’ Now, while this may give you, the quizzer, an element of satisfaction and smugness (and QUIZZERS do like to have that feeling of superiority), consider the feelings of the quiz master – they may well have spent a great deal of time (maybe as much as three minutes) thinking up questions with which to tease and fox you and they will have the greatest faith in Wikipedia being right.



No, your best approach is for the QUIZZERS to form an orderly QUEUE in front of the quiz master’s desk and each, in turn, tell the quiz master, in a quiet but penetrating voice, exactly where he/she is wrong. This means that the quiz master doesn’t have to put up with the abusive shouts and will not lose face and possibly refuse ever to do a quiz again, which then means that one of the QUIZZERS will have to take over – and that may well be worse than the original quiz master, since many QUIZZERS are not really good at setting quizzes, because they tend to ask questions that THEY could answer, on a subject about which no-one else has a clue, such as ‘The mating habits of the tarantula hawk wasp’, ‘League tables of Netball teams in the Outer Hebrides’ or ‘The history of the beer mat from 1879 to 1880’. (These would all be my ‘Specialist Subject’ on Mastermind.)